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Every member is given customized workout plan at Pink Fitness – A Women’s Gym. Every Member is periodically monitored by Female Trainers & Nutritionists. Weight Loss is best approached in scientific way. No crash diets. Equipments are designed just for women. Ladies, No More Excuses! Lose Weight the Right Way At Pink Fitness – Best Gym Only For Women.

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Pink fitness valasaravakkam. 

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Trim achievers. Trim starts๐ŸŒŸand moons ๐ŸŒš

Pink fitness valasaravakkam. 

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Kegel exercise 

Kegel exercise also known as Pelvic Floor exercise,that involves contracting and relaxing the Pelvic Floor muscles.

Strengthening Pelvic Floor muscles 
Treat urinary and bowel incontinence 
It's help in smooth vaginal delivery 

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Trim achievers of the month.

Pink fitness valasaravakkam. 

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Pink fitness valasaravakkam. 

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Pinkfitness valasaravakkam 

Benefits  Of warm up

Increased movement  of blood  through  your tissue 
Increased delivery of oxygen to your muscles 
Prepare your muscles for stretching
Prepares your heart for an increase in activity 
Improves coordination  and reaction time๐Ÿ’ช

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Pink fitness Valasaravakkam 

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Daily habits that change your life.
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Based on 268 Reviews
Archana Ranganathan
December 22, 2023

A very nice and healthy ambience is provided by the gym.Trainers are very friendly and helpful.

December 17, 2023

Itโ€™s a wonderful gym !Amazing trainers and hygienic ambience. Trainers take individual care and they are so friendlyโ€ฆ..❤️ kind and informative gym trainersโ€ฆ Best place to improve your healthy lifeโ€ฆ

jenifer aruldass
November 27, 2023
ajitha margreat
November 25, 2023

Awesome place for body transformation in a healthy way... Friendly atmosphere... My day won't be completely fulfilled without visiting pink... Happy place with such a wonderful trainers and dietician... Special mention to our trainers Ezhil, Jashmitha and Deepa for grooming us the way we like and they are so concerned about the clients health... Pink is always my favourite which is customised only for ladies where there is no room for hesitation and backlag for our workouts which we can do as our wish... Pink a Happy and Healthy place...

Sakthi priya
November 24, 2023

Great place to start your fitness journey. Trainers are very supportive

Rachel Mrinalini
November 19, 2023

Such a good ambience and really good trainers Have joined recently and it's keeping me up throughout the day ! All the trainers are really good Santhanalakshmi is the best trainer Clean and neat gym Their group classes and activities keeps us energetic 🙌

Sriya Vaishnavi
November 18, 2023

The place is clean and the environment is very friendly. There are trainers to guide and help us through the journey

Dhivyadharshini Boopalan
November 16, 2023

Friendly trainers 😊

Sajini S
November 7, 2023

Amazing facility,top equipment and Great Environment.Good service with friendly staff and Comfortable gym for beginners.Perfect gym for Ladies.Can reduce weight upto 4kgs within 1month.Has perfect Dietician too..

Keerthana Balaji
October 25, 2023

Been a member since June and totally loving the experience. Everyone is so friendly and approachable and make it such a nice place for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

October 15, 2023

Very good gym.... Energetic trainer's around and. Very encouraging and positive.

guruswamy Venkataraman
October 14, 2023

Pink is a conducive environment for workout trainers are very friendly .ezhil swerha and all the trainers help the clients for their workouts experience here is great

Priya dharsini
October 11, 2023
Radhika Sourirajan
October 10, 2023
adhira L.V
September 13, 2023

Very good experience under trained staff

Yamini Yamu
September 12, 2023

I've been training at this gym since April 2023, and the gym trainers have encouraged me to maintain a consistent workout routine, making me feel healthy and enthusiastic about fitness. The gym has a pleasant ambience and clean infrastructure, and all the trainers are friendly and motivating.

Mahitha R
September 6, 2023

I recently joined this gym, and I'm thrilled with my experience so far. The trainers are incredibly supportive, and the overall atmosphere is excellent. The gym is well-maintained, and all the equipment is in great condition. I highly recommend it!

kasthuri selvaraj
September 6, 2023

This gym is awesome.. Good service friendly staff and super clean comfortable for everyone especially for beginnersโ€ฆ. Thanks for your guidance and support.. peaceful atmosphere.. kind and informative gym trainersโ€ฆ Best place to improve your healthy lifeโ€ฆ..

Sivaranjani Sathishkumar
September 2, 2023

I like to workout in this place in daily basis coz the trainers/physio is motivating me always.. I am working on my goal to loose weight

bharani priya
September 1, 2023

My overall experience at the pink gym has been great and good place to weight loss...the trainers is always extremely helpful and friendly.... Especially the renovation is amazing and high quality equipment in good condition

Sharmishtaa Kannan
August 22, 2023

Trainers are very friendly and professional.High quality and equipment in good condition. I feel very good whenever I come here since it is motivating for me .

Jayasree Js
August 9, 2023

Very very very bad experience.They dont know how to treat people.first give respect and respond correctly.manager worst behavior and harsh

Swetha Sarma
August 7, 2023

Best ladies only gym. The trainers are well qualified physiotherapists. Initially weight, height, fat percentage etc are checked with a machine. Strength is tested by trainers by checking how much crunches, planks etc you can do. These checks are done after you complete a 30day cycle to track improvement. For the first 3 days omly cardio is given. There is a monthly card where your attendance is marked and the exercises are written. It's upgraded once you complete 30 days. They slowly increase the workouts from easy to hard level. If you are not present continuously for many days then you gotta do cardio alone for 3 days and not the woekout as it's not good for you. In every upgrade until you are comfortable with the exercises they teach it. It's either for 2 days( day 1-upper body, day-2 lower body) or 4 days based on your package. Has many equipments. Based on the improvement the workouts are upgraded. Efx, cycling and tredmill is there for cardio. There are group activities twice a week which is fun and helpful. Trainers are so kind and caring. Based on health issue they provide additional warm up and stretches. You will be monitored whether you are doing correctly and will be corrected. Steam bath is available. Dietician is good. They take utmost care for all health issues and help in improving you a lot. No gents are allowed. Even if there are some repair work to be done they make sure to do it after we are gone or they ask individual permission from everyone. Timing: 6 to 8. Closed on sunday

Nalini Radhakrishnan
August 5, 2023

Joined this gym two months back and it has been very helpful in my weight loss journey and under the supervision of santhana Lakshmi and Swetha, I've been seeing positive results. They provide customized exercises depending on our body type, which makes the journey more easier and comfortable! Highly recommend this gym.

Gayathri B
August 4, 2023

I took personal trainer for my post delivery weight reduction .. my trainer deepa help me to understand my body and I starting seeing results with out disturbing my mother feeding journey

swathipriya R
May 23, 2023

I really need to thank pink fitness, I joined one month back I reduced 2.5 kg. When I joined trainer helps to understand about my body and took full assessment after that they provided exercise accordingly. Trainer aasha guided me clearly and helps me lot. Hygiene wise pink is so good and clean. Even I have thyroid problem I tried walking and running no improvement. Finally pink helps me.thank again

Elizabeth Vincy
April 29, 2023

Best place to burn out your extras. The environment is maintained clean and hygienic. Very friendly and professional trainers.

Must try and experience Gym..! Primary reason that why I joined Pink was because of their esteemed customer satisfaction. The staffs and their entire management works really good and they have a common protocol on all Franchises, where almost they manage the same decorum and dedication. Trainers, Dietitian and the Admin staffs on the whole are very humble to work with. I have experienced drastic weight loss during three months program, which really is a positive note to the Pink family. I would always suggest Pink Gym for every women folks out there who are trying really hard to reduce weights. Come here and forget about your excess fat.. Thank you Pink..!

I had joined this gym few weeks back for weight gain. I have started to see a positive weight change and hopeful that I will achieve what I desire. I am having the best supervision under my trainer Usha. The ambience, staff are too cool. Highly recommend.

April 24, 2023

Happy to be a part of pink fam✨

Emelin Jeny
April 21, 2023

Very nice gym with great staff and they teach proper diet and maintain records for it..very helpful in weightloss and increasing stamina..

Akshaya Ramesh
April 20, 2023
chitra chitra
April 20, 2023

Very good

Aishwarya Ganesh
April 19, 2023

Best one

Lavanya Priya
April 19, 2023
March 31, 2023
ishwariya ishu
March 31, 2023

Good monitoring of each and every clients and specific workouts for individual needs...

Keerthana B
March 30, 2023

Good experience overall

Anne Mary
March 30, 2023
challa haritha
March 30, 2023

I have a great time working out hereโ€ฆ itโ€™s really good and trainers are great too ☺️

Rupsa Roy
March 30, 2023

Great and very comfortable place as a ladies gym. The trainers are very friendly and helpful, and maintain the place well!

Pavithra Shine
March 27, 2023

I lost 10kgs within 4 months thanks for trainer Asha mam and Pink valasaravakkam

hemalatha vembaiyan
March 22, 2023

I have backpain for last few years i was joined pink gym they are teach backpain exercise for me now i feel so relief and good...thank u so much pink gym ...

Rashmia Bharagath
March 2, 2023

Very excellent gym

Priya Ramachandran
February 16, 2023

In 10 days I lost my weight 3.1 kg. Iam very happy .Thanks pink gym

Sangavi mithra
February 15, 2023

I joined pink fitness valasarvakkam recently.within 2 month I lost 4 kgs.trainers motivating in the positive way I got confidence that they will definitely keep myself fit to achieve my goal in the weight loss . thanks to pink fitness valasarvakkam.

Iniyath Asmi
February 14, 2023

I was so worried about my underweight before joining pink gym but after my journey started I was so happy . I started to gain weight with all the support of trainers and diet plans I gained around 4kgs in 3months. Trainers were so genuine and friendly. I recommend who read this message must try pink gym valsaravakkm 💪

Hemalatha B
February 10, 2023

Pink Valasaravakkam is an excellent gym for the active life style... They focus on each and every person and customize the workout according... Traniers are very dedicated and friend.... Every time they come up with many initiatives and amke sure they engage every one. Especially would like callout Asha for her excellent support

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30-Minute Total Body Workout

Youโ€™ll work every major muscle group with strength training, aerobic exercise, and stretching in just 30 minutes.

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Safe and Effective Machines Designed for Women

Our variety of hydraulic resistance gym machines are ideal for women of any fitness level to achieve results.

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