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About us

The 1st Pink Fitness centre was opened in Anna Nagar, Chennai in 2007. in less than 10 years, with 30 centers, Pink Fitness is the largest women only fitness chain in india.

Our Goal

To give women the confidence they need to succeed in what they do. To experience our members achieve their goals and listen to their success stories inspire us to continue offering World-class fitness programs to women across India. 

Pink Fitness has helped thousands of women in India to get healthier and stronger with its fitness solutions.


Pink Fitness is simple yet effective training concept which is highly scalable: Small investments, big results. The model is an excellent franchise model, where the franchise owners can shape their life and careers.

Pink Fitness offers ideal starting conditions: The fitness center requires just as little floor space as it requires initial capital. It is the personal attention given to each member that is of the greatest priority – only those who feel comfortable will exercise. A combination of highly profitable concept and the personal touch gives entrepreneurs in localities with just over 10000 people density.

Sedentary lifestyles, driven by modern work culture and technological convenience, has made India into a global epicentre of poor health and fitness. Ironically, the country that gave the world Yoga and Spirituality is embroiled today in sloth and reckless consumerism. The youth are no better – internet, television and video games have all but replaced outdoor activity. Driven by our love for fried food, sugar overloads and a host of other dietary disasters the situation only becomes more scary. We are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

India is emerging as the diabetes capital of the world. It is expected that as much as 40% of our population will be a diabetic at the current rate. We also lead the world in cardiac ailments, and other lifestyle diseases. What is scarier is that the average age of those affected are falling at every census. Studies reveal that India’s disease burden is causing it to lose billions of dollars in treatment and loss of productivity.

Booming Preventive healthcare sector

150+ centres including corporates & residential projects pan India within 10 years

Proven business model. ROI of 2 – 3 years

INR 3500 crore industry growing at 25% annually

There are no shortcuts to fitness. You need expert guidance, personal commitment, and a plan that will help you meet your personal goals. Being a successful franchisee in the fitness industry is much the same.

The FitnessOne Franchisee Relationship Programee offers you opportunities that span multiple product and service lines, as well as models relevant for small, medium and large formats. FitnessOne will carefully select franchisees who share our long term commitment, and together, revolutionize the fitness industry in India.

With over 10 years of real-time experiencein the business, we know what it takes to set up scientific fitness centre and run them professionally.

What should you be looking for as a Franchisee in the Fitness Industry?

  • Guaranteed service levels of the highest order for your customers
  • Instant brand recognition and positive associations
  • Support in managing your centre
  • Proven business model
  • Dynamic sales & marketing systems
  • Successful Trim & Personal Training Programs
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