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Every member is given customized workout plan at Pink Fitness – A Women’s Gym. Every Member is periodically monitored by Female Trainers & Nutritionists. Weight Loss is best approached in scientific way. No crash diets. Equipments are designed just for women. Ladies, No More Excuses! Lose Weight the Right Way At Pink Fitness – Best Gym Only For Women.

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Based on 179 Reviews
r.k Baskaran
January 2, 2024
Arthi Chandru
December 20, 2023

Very worst management... they're having my rs 4000...I shifted my location...for past 1 year I've been asking the amount back ..they are not giving...all r happily enjoying with my amount...those are willing to go join....pls don't join... think..use your brain

Bagyalakshmi Balaji
December 20, 2023

Very good Gym. Staffs are very kind and helpful .

Swetha Ganesh
December 9, 2023

Highly recommend , very helpful , I have gotten great results.

November 8, 2023

Keep your body fit Control your mind

Sampu Venkat
October 9, 2023

I am excited and attracted with regular group classes covering all the exercises being unique gym,, for all types of ladies

Vidya Parthiban
October 9, 2023

Very good trainers highly recommended.

sujitha m
October 9, 2023
preethi t
October 9, 2023

It was good experience loss 7 kg in 3 month thanks to trainer good training this was my first gym experience training and trainer was good that's why I acheive my goal dietitian also good they follow everyday

Leena Rajan
October 9, 2023
Karunya Natarajan
September 25, 2023

Have been part of Pink gym for 4 months.While joining the trainers Saranya , Anitha and Hema are so friendly and helpful to do the workout. They have been conducting cookery competition, workout competition etc., which may helpful for our diet to make variety of foods and encourage to participate in the competition. They provide a card for floor exercise, for Day 1 Hema will be teaching Abdomen exercise and Day 2 Anitha will be teaching weights and machine exercise. Saranya will make the arrangements for assessment each and every month, in which she will take measurements of weight, body fat count, and inches from every parts of our body and compare with previous month. After that she will give ideas to maintain our weight for the next month. Anitha, Saranya and Hema are so helpful for the group sessions ,they conduct it on every Tuesday and Saturday, they came with innovative group sessions workout like express workout, dance workout, pair workout, stepper workout, ballon workout etc., Cool down session every month first saturday they keep this session, which helps to stretch our body very well. Group sessions they have been split into 3 sessions , so each trainers will split the workout and conduct the sessions. For morning session Hema will take around 8:00, then mid morning sessions Anitha will take around 10:45 and by evening Saranya will take around 5:45. During summer time they have arranged for swimming pool workout sessions which is so helpful for us to beat the heat. Park workout which is so helpful to do workout in open area and feel the fresh air. If we have any doubts during the workout they explain it very well in a calm way. Overall a best and safe place for every women to join and reduce the weight. Thank you so much for the trainers who are so helpful and motivating to do the workout and reducing our weight.

Jenima Jeni
September 22, 2023

I'm joining January 2nd to this gym for annual package.... After joining this gym lots of changes comes in my life like my daily food, work, sleeping everything has been changed. It's really helpfull to me and the staffs are really really very kind and responsible; how many times I forgot the workout then goto ask daily to do the workout . They are saw equally then important one I lose a lot of weight after joining the gym.. Thank you so much for pink branch and staff members ☺

Sukanya Mahalingam
September 20, 2023

Have been working out at Pink Ramapuram for 1.5 years. The staff are very dedicated and committed in supporting women to lead a healthy life. Physio Saranya customizes exercise as per individual client requirement. Trainer Anitha is very effective. The team conducts group classes twice a week which is very energetic. They also conduct several motivating activities frequently. Good work team

Dr Jyotsana Bansode
September 19, 2023

Been a member since 5 months..awesome trainers-always come up with variety of group exercises weekly and new ideas..cooperative and understanding of diff clients needs..senior dietician helps and moti ates for clean balanced food..housekeeping lady does very good job- maintains hygiene and clean place..friendly females exclusive gym..ample 2 wheeler parking space..glad to b a part of amazing team..lost 12 kg...

Sri vidhya
September 16, 2023

I am Srividhya iam very happy with Pink Gym, I had lost 5 kg in one month through proper diet & Excercise Plan & Trainer particularly they had putting enormous amount of energy to teaching the perfect Stretches & Excercises to every Member of the gym with proper guidance & safety. Particularly They giving Group classes & Diet , Cool down sessions , Water Excercise after doing the excercise on water, my body feels very Light, & easy doing the excercise on water, Every Month Body Assessment to every Member of the gym. After I lost 5 kg I feel very happy & i will do my works by myself itself Thank you Pink Gym Ramapuram Branch, iam trying & putting my effort to reduce my weight more & more.

Sowmiya Kartheek
September 12, 2023

Have been part of the Pink Gym Ramapuram for more than 4 years. It's a great place for women who come here for general fitness or weight loss, the staff are very friendly and they try to come up with innovative ideas for the group classes. We burn ❤️‍🔥 lot of calories along with chit-chat ting with friends.. Overall a fun place for health conscious women

September 12, 2023

In pink ramapuram branch conducting many different workouts apart from regular ones...its good ..motivating to do..

Iyyadurai sathesh
September 12, 2023

Pink ramapuram gym not only a gym it suits for all age group well trained physios and trainers are very friendly, easy going so I like my gym very much in this gym extra curricular activities funfilled games are overwhelming

Hetal Prabhakar
September 12, 2023

Excellent trainers with professional group class and Diet follow ups.

Lakshmi Arumugam
September 11, 2023

Very excellent gym in ramapuram... The trainers and physio well trained... Especially the group class tooo good Thanks to pink ramapuram

mohana suresh
July 25, 2023

I feel relaxed and happy working out here. All the trainers over here are superb.

Siddhu 2011
July 19, 2023

Have been a member for 7 months.. I experienced a lot.. I lost my weight with the help of the trainers and physio and dietitian.. Trainers are good.. Especially Physio Hema, she is too good... I enjoyed my workouts for weight loss journey..

Divya hemes
July 7, 2023

Hi!! I am a member of Pink Fitness... All the trainers(Hema, Saranya, and Anitha)in the gym are friendly and approachable when we have doubts and they encourage us to do more in order to make us fit..It’s very effective and I love the way they care us...The group classes in every Tuesdays and Fridays keeps us refreshing... I really love the gym.. Thank you pink

Have been a member for the past 2 months, I can see changes in inches, weight and reduced to XL from 2XL. The trainers, dietician and manager are polite and guides us throughout. All together a very positive experience.

venkat pushpa
July 3, 2023

This is place i feel like home get more relaxed and fit. After i joined in this my confidence level improved. The trainers ,manager, and MD all of them very friendly they complete our need. Thanks lot for their service

Tamil Selvi
July 3, 2023

Best gym with very good trainers. All the trainers are very friendly and very very helpfully. Keep Rocking always . Happy to a part to pink😍 I have taken CrossFit apart from my regular gym package and that helped me very much to build my stamina 😍😍 Thanks saranya and Hema for wonderful and funny classes.

prnomee mee
February 10, 2023

Very good fitness center keep going guy's

I have been member of pink Ramapuram for a long time. And I liked it very much here. Now a days fitness for women and being healthy is more important. The trainers are friendly and very helpful. Whenever I workout I enjoy lot and have lot of fun.

Lincy Luciana
February 7, 2023

I joined pink ramapuram branch for weight loss. Here the training given was very good. They have taken individual assessment, based on our ability and strength, they have given the training. Dietician also available here for our healthy life style. They regularly monitored our weight and diet. The motivated very much during our whole journey through weekly & monthly group classes, CrossFit, extra fun task, celebrations and prizes. I have reduced weight slowly and constantly. Its changed my lifestyle very healthy. Thanks u pink (RAMAPURAM)

I joined 3 months before in PINK (ramapuram) I can see the best version of mine each 15 days the trainer's and my hardwork would be shown in the weight machine. The diets are more focused by the dietitian, here the trainers do extra care of our mental health. My cravings for the junk food is totally down, the more glow in my skintone shows what is given properly in the food chart. Each exercise chart show my stamina after 30 days. They conducted fungames, yoga, women's day celebration which gives me enthusiastic experience. Overall it is fun to be here with my weightloss journey and lost 4 kgs. Thanks to PINK (ramapuram) Saranya Mam Pavithra Mam Hema Mam

Pavi indhu
February 3, 2023

Hiiiii..... This is pavithra here. I joined Pinkramapuram four month back. I need to loss weight because of my health issues . I lost 15kg 3Months They make feel more comfortable and healthy Staffs are very friendly and soft They gym has conducted more activity like group class, aerobics, cooldown, fun activities, bootcamos, CrossFit and etc these help me weight loss journey finally thanks to pink.. ❤

Nivasini P
December 2, 2022

Very good all and very good

Pink Fitness Center is a one stop solution for a Healthy life style. Being an IT professional I used to face all the problems resulting in sitting for long hours looking at the laptop and attending meetings. I joined Pink Ramapuram 4 years ago. The instructors are dedicated and provide care and attention to each and every individual. They monitor our progress and improvements and provide continuous feedback. The special activities planned every week make it all the more interesting to hit the gym. The instructor see that we mostly participate in them. Realised fitness could be fun mingled with dedication. Special thanks to Saranya, my fitness physio who provided care to improve my core which has always been the essential for it professionals. Special Thanks to Rosy Mam for taking care of the gym be it the trainers or the facilities. Last but not the least, being a ladies fitness center I feel I can be myself and enjoy my fitness. Thanks to each and everyone responsible for the same. Keep up the good show. Regards, Jansi Rani.

Jasline Epsiba R
November 13, 2022
EstherRadha Joshwa
November 12, 2022

I joined this Gym 4 months before. I feel this place very useful. Feel much more healthier and fit now when compared to before myself joining here. Here we have many group classes and workouts where we have fun as well as effective workouts for weight reduction. Trainers are also very friendly and helpful.Thanks to pink Ramapuram.

September 14, 2022

The physio Krithiga is very friendly and supportive, good trainer as well!

Meharaj S
September 13, 2022

Regular physical activity is vital for good physical and mental health for women. Pink is undoubtedly the best place that feels more personal to every woman. You will find women of all ages here. The trainers are polite and friendly. They make you feel more comfortable to do your regular workouts, and also motivate you to achieve your fitness loss goals as committed. The gym has good ambience, blaring music, fun activities, group classes, yoga classes, aerobics, festival celebrations; hence, the overall vibe is upbeat and positive here. The equipment and machines in the gym are well maintained and also sanitized properly, on a regular basis. Stepping into gym everyday not only helps me to maintain my fitness, but also lowers my overall stress level. It helps me to improve my quality of life, both mentally and physically. Highly recommended for every woman. 🙂

September 13, 2022

I am joined in pink ramapuram on 22nd June .am very happy to choose pink fitness center ramapuram.The physio and trainer are very good and friendly....I recommend to everyone to join & is right place to join.. For women wellness !!!!!! Every week They are condecting group classes it is very fun and enjoyable &major strees relief

Monalisha Duraisamy
September 13, 2022

Hey ....This is monalisha ...i joined pink fitness ramapuram @ august month....first i have to tell about hygienic propose like cherry on top Gym is very clean and hygienic..Trainers and physio and dietitian are friendly tooo .Good place to workout regularly.They are conducting more classes like group classes weekly twice,yoga,Aerobics,boot camp etc....They given workouts slots depends upon each everyone client condition and customized diet for the various conditions....Thanks to pink fitness "RAMAPURAM " and thanks to the "MANAGEMENT " PHYSIO & TRAINERS & DIETITIAN

nigalyadevi k
September 10, 2022

My dear ladies😃, those who are looking for place to start a workout routine, this is the best go to one. To be honest,I am the person who is reluctant to excercise. When I decided to start healthy routine, I have chosen pink fitness Ramapuram and after joining, I am really motivated to see people of all ages working out. In addition to regular workouts, trainers here schedule group classes, yoga, streching periodically which will help us to improve our endurance and make your contact circle wider with people here. I noticed that hey do understand health concerns and customise workouts accordingly. People here are down to earth and encourage us to continue our healthy journey. This is my happy to go place after my hectic work days. So I genuinely tell please reach out here if you are planning to start gym routine. Stay motivated!! Thank you...

princy a
September 9, 2022

I joined pink in July.. I wanted to reduce my postpartum belly and i have Diastasis recti.I was given separate workouts and could see the changes.. It's really a worth joining Pink ramapuram.. as they provide other class like aerobics,yoga,zumba weekly twice.. it's really stress free and enjoying ME time in PINK

Suji S
September 9, 2022

We know fitness is must for everyone , I was looking for both fitness and comfort place where I can set my fitness goal. I set myself for both weight loss and knee pain. Struggling to take steps 4 months before , now it drastically got reduced and can able to stay fit. Music and ambience is the next great thing to mention and of course no words about trainers , they are strong confident women and so approachable and friendly. My whole day will be pleasant and energetic if I come to PINK. Thanks to Pink.

Pavithra Satish
September 8, 2022

The gym is very well stocked and the trainers are friendly and pay individual attention:)

lavanya shankar
September 8, 2022

I have joined pink last month, they concentrating both floor workouts and cardio equally. And also they conducting two group classes every week which is very much useful, overall had a good experience with pink.thanks to trainers anad management .....😃

charu sanchana
August 26, 2022

Friendly and good coach. Neat and clean. Great staffs.

Renuka Ravichandran
July 29, 2022

One of the best gym for ladies to weight loss, strengthen and have fun at the same time. They conduct various group classes and the trainees are available all the time to help us

Deeksha world
July 14, 2022

I have joined pink Fitness ramapuram.... They are so friendly manner.... Hope trusted go place to reducing weight.Thank u pink❤

Priya Dharshini
July 13, 2022

I joined pink gym at Ramapuram for may 2022.. I'm extremely happy to join pink.. they teach excersice very useful for weight loss.. diet plan also very good help to weigh loss.. they have provided lots of class like arobics, yoga, group class.. thankyou so much for management trainer and physiotherapist..

July 13, 2022

I joined pink a few months back and it is one of the best investments I ever made for my overall health. The group workout classes are the best as working out in a group motivates us to do better.

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